OSR Goodness

The Peculiar Workshop of An Artist Unknown

June 15, 2017 Kat 0

An unknown artist has disappeared and left behind their enchanted workshop. ┬áTheir patrons and fans were not like you and me. They were demonic, alien creatures who demanded art that truly stirred the soul and […]

OSR Goodness

Fancy Familiars and Suspicious Summons

September 26, 2016 Kat 2

Somewhere out there, there is a book. This book was written in the most secret of woods, on the night of a blue moon, in the inscriber’s own blood as they prostrated themselves before the […]

OSR Goodness

The Vanishing Bordello of Long Meg

September 13, 2016 Kat 0

The grand and decadent bordello of Long Meg appears and disappears every evening on the outskirts of small villages, large towns and occasionally in the center of the park of a great city. It nestles […]

OSR Goodness

Curse of Little Miss Flibbertigibbet

August 13, 2016 Kat 0

Rhyme of Little Miss Flibbertigibbet “Poor, little Miss Flibbertigibbet, All she did was rave and ribbet, Til the day she spoke no more, Her head went rollin’ along the floor! Tired of all the jib […]

OSR Goodness

The Juniper Tree

April 10, 2016 Kat 0

The Juniper Tree is an encounter for your players based on the Grimm fairy-tale. The fairy-tale has common mythical themes. Fathers eating sons, evil step mothers and battles over inheritance. The shortened version is that […]

OSR Goodness

The Demon Spawner

March 29, 2016 Kat 0

We have a list of tables here for creating demons. Start by rolling for each body part, then determine its intelligence and the thing that motivates it. These are entirely aesthetic tables; hit points and […]

OSR Goodness

The Marshlight Leviathan

March 17, 2016 Kat 0

Below is a monster that is incredibly large to the point it forms an unstable and dangerous landscape for adventurers to explore. This is similar in theme to the Cosmic Moth found in In The […]

OSR Goodness

The Guild of Mild Inconvenience

March 5, 2016 Kat 0

The Guild of Mild Inconvenience is a long standing and noble guild who spread chaos and dissent about the realm. They are much like the Thieves Guild or Assassins guild, only, they are known for […]

OSR Goodness

The Bulging Baby Filled Beauty

March 4, 2016 Oli 0

This makes for a good slow-burning mini-adventure, placed in any remote area between adventure locations. The party will come across a small lodge that seems to accept guests on their journey, a ramshackle thing that […]