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The Turtle Moves!

I’m a big Discworld fan, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the upcoming latest release of the Discworld RPG. One of the first things I noticed when I looked through Troika! however is that it seemed ideal to run a Discworld session. I can’t put a finger on why, its quite possibly all down to Daniel‘s writing style; something in the way Troika! is worded seems to pluck the Discworld strings in my mind.

If I weren’t so busy with an upcoming house move and some commissioned work involving trekking through the stars I’d have devoted more time to what I see as being a full Discworld hack of Troika!, a product that could stand up on its own two (or more) legs. As it is, thats not going to be possible for me to do at the moment. What I’ve done instead is write a new D66 table of Backgrounds for Troika! for you delightful people to try and attempt your own Discworld session. You can get this here.

Please let me know what you think and, if possible, run a session. I’ve conjured up a quick scenario overview further down which you could work with.

My eventual goals for this, assuming people are keen for more, would be to rework the Backgrounds into separate categories (Race, Role, Personality) and redesign the Magic system.

The Scenario Idea –¬†All I Want for Hogswatch Is My Life

Its the eve of Hogswatch, and the streets of Ankh Morpork are alive with activity as people rush their last minute tasks before they can properly celebrate. Your players however have one rather pressing issue – they need to get their hands on the latest toy, “Captain Carrot Action Man, with Real Watch Accessories”. The problem is that they’re sold out everywhere, and the session begins with them waiting in the queue at Crumleys when they learn that the last one has just been sold.

Fortunately however, a beggar passes by handing out flyers that suggest someone is selling off a few that they had bought by mistake, at a location in the Shades. It is of course a trap, and in fact its a small cabal of cultists trying to bring life to a small god they have been worshiping. Throw into the mix the Watch investigating the cultists location, the arrival of a missing pet swamp dragon (Sebastian Musterberry III, highly nervous and likely to explode, $100 reward), the Thieves Guild (trying to get the toys), a contract from the Assassin’s Guild on one of the players, and the deadline of Hogswatch should result in a very Discworld-esque escalating state of affairs.

Please let me know if you run this, or develop the Backgrounds etc, keen to see this progress! Here is a copy of the new Backgrounds once more.

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