Briar Rose – Part 3

"So, now you owe me a tithe."

This is the final installment of the FToaMG scenario Briar Rose designed for OSR games, specifically with Lamentations of the Flame Princess in mind, includes some graphic scenes.

If you would like to read Part 1 and Part 2 please click on the links below:

I would encourage you to come up with your own weird rooms where strange things are happening.

The Upstairs Hallway

Fairies usually avoid the upstairs and any fairy with the party will refuse to go up, stating “they know what is up there.”

The upstairs hallway is plain and dusty. Servants and soldiers can be found sleeping here. Some have been half devoured by something, their corpses left to rot. This is the doing of the Creeping Nightmare.

If the players are not quiet then the Creeping Nightmare will begin to follow them stealthily upon the ceiling. Roll its stealth, it will have a 3 out of 6 chance of sneaking up on the players. It will take some time for it to move from room to room as it is slow. Place the Creeping Nightmare in a random room of your choosing and have it move from there. The creeping nightmare will try to take on the form of the first player it sees. A mass of shields, swords, and rotting flesh and veins in the shape of a human. If you would like it to be more of a challenge stat it as you please.

The stairs lead up onto the hallway and directly in front of the stairs are three massive stained glass windows. These windows have changed since the queen had them installed.

  1. The first window shows Uonaidh’s hunting party chasing young children and beautiful men and women through the woods. Once they are captured, they are shown to either be transformed into faeries and join the Bacchic fray, or they are handed to a dark figure with twisted horns and long groping fingers surrounded by great fires. Uonaidh is depicted with her deer hood, nude and dressed in a cloak of animals.
  2. The second window depicts the queen hunting down faeries with the Knights of the Rose and hosting her ball only to be cursed by Uonaidh in her furs. They are tortured with hot needles and seem to be nailed to boards or crammed into hourglasses. There are a set of doors they faeries are not able to walk through and the image shows Uonaidh burning her hand when she tries to open it.
  3. The third window depicts Briar Rose entering the doors and rescuing Puck. It also shows her prick her finger and fall to sleep. The window then shows Uonaidh giving a baby to the devil at the end of the window and a continuous line of babies behind her held by faeries.

If the players want to spend some time looking at these stained glass windows they will find that the images move slowly, acting out the scenes in a loop.

The Balcony

These windows can be opened and lead out onto a grand balcony where several Moth Sprites are playing with the bodies of two collapsed lovers. They are arranging them into ridiculous poses. When the players enter, they are surprised and accidentally drop one of the lovers over the side of the balcony.

The Moth Sprites will leave the other unconscious lover, who had collapsed mid kiss, in favor of investigating the newcomers who are awake. They seem unconcerned with the person they tossed over the balcony moments before. Moth sprites are generally little kind creatures when they want to be and they will be quite happy to tell the players about Briar Rose and Uonaidh in exchange for anything shiny or a chance to ride on their shoulders. They will say that helping Uonaidh will allow the players to reap great rewards and if the players mention the devil they will laugh and recommend the players release the fairies upstairs, loot the castle and leave Briar Rose to slumber.

They will refuse to go into the palace stating that they will only go downstairs.

Moth Sprites

Beautiful men and women with strange eyes and moth wings, who stand no more than 15 cm high. Despite their size they are more than capable of picking up heavy loads. Their hands have ripping claws and they are fast moving and dexterous. If angered or attacked, the Moth Sprites are particularly adept at destroying armour and weaponry. Usually they attack in groups of three to six. They carry some silver between them and fairy dust.

Morale: Low HP: 6-8 AC: 12-14 DMG: 1D6 Ripping Claws

Spells: Consume My Bloomers – A moth sprite must roll against an enemies AC. If they succeed, they can consume one item. They rip the item to shreds and eat it. The item might be their armour, their weapon or their shield.

The Queen’s Suite

Two guards are slumped either side of the large red double doors. The door is barred from the outside to keep something in. There is grunting and heavy dragging on the other side of the door. The door looks like something has rammed it from the other side and managed to pierce the wood. If a player searches and looks through the holes in the door they might be able to see something very large shifting inside beyond the door.

If the players open the door they will find a beautiful room with a destroyed poster bed up against the far wall. On either side of the bed are large windows with tattered curtains drawn.

In the centre of the room, crafted from thick wood, sits a cage that traps a filthy woman, wearing a decadent royal dress made of jewels and red silk. The dress (and the surrounding area) is covered in vomit, blood, and faeces. Her body is mangled as it has been thrown about and ripped apart.

king-boarFeasting on one of her splayed legs is a massive boar with great twisting tusks. Its body is slick with viscera and blood and its great belly sways from side to side. Its lips smack as it throws back its head and flesh disappears past its pointed teeth and dripping tongue. As the beast is busy feasting it can be surprised and will not attack the players as it eat. The woman is the queen and she whimpers as the beast munches down on her flesh. She is still alive.

If the players watch her they can see that her gaping wound where the full grown pig has erupted from her stomach. Where the full grown pig has been “birthed”, the wound is slowly knitting back together to start the process again. Around the neck of the queen is a key made of iron. If a fairy touches the key, it burns them for 1d4 damage for every minute it is held against their skin.

She will beg to be put out of her misery. She is being used to give birth to Uonaidh’s boars which the fairy queen hunts in the bramble forest before she gives her Tithe to the devil. The only way she can die is if Briar Rose is killed. The queen has a hatred for the fairies and does not believe she has done anything wrong by displaying them. She will tell the players about her treasure stash if they agree and give them the key. She will mention that the players will not be able to get her treasure if they release the fairies. She has a bitter love and resentful hatred for her “fool daughter” Briar Rose.

The players can leave her to continue birthing Uonaidh’s hunting boars. There is 500 silvers worth of jewels on the dressing table and a few books on fairies on a nearby bookshelf.

Uonaidh’s Prize Hunting Boar

HP: 20 – 25 AC: 12-14 DMG: 1D8 or 1D10 Drooling Bite.
Charge: Rushes the player. +2 to Damage Roll, -2 to Attack Roll.

The Display Room

The doors to the display room are massive and they are made of iron. The door itself is locked tight. A few fairies have placed their hands on the door before in an attempt to open it and the flesh of their hands have been burned into the door. The flesh does not rot and occasionally one of the fleshy prints will sizzle. The door is locked and extremely heavy. The key is located in The Queen’s Room.

The display room is huge, larger than the banquet hall downstairs. The walls are lined with iron plates. There are plinths and displays set throughout the room. These are made of glass and crystal. There are display cases laid out on the walls stretching up to the ceiling. Faeries hang from the ceiling, posed in flight with hooks of iron embedded into their bodies. Some alive, some stuffed.

There are large display cases containing human sized fairies. Small displays pinning butterfly sprites, moth sprites, tooth fairies, and other faeries in the room. Each fairy has been tacked in place with iron pins, iron nails, or huge iron spikes shunted through their bodies. They have been contorted into a variety of positions.

The room is eerily quiet. A display case near the entrance contains hundreds of tongues all of them cut out of the fairies and labelled with numbers to show which they belong too.

Chairs and tables are set out throughout the room with wine bottles and wine glasses set out for the viewers pleasure.

The majority of the faeries are dead. Below is a table of fairies displayed throughout the room who are still alive and able to be freed. If the players choose to release the fairies they will come up against The Queen’s Defenses.

If successfully rescued the fairy will give a gift to the player who rescued them. Unfortunately, they will only give one gift to one player. Some fairy gifts are actually curses; the fairy believes they will be helpful, even when they are not!

  1. A foot tall Tooth Fairy name Berrybottle. Berrybottle will reward the players with her pouch of teeth if she is removed. The pouch of teeth may seem worthless, but each tooth is encrusted with gold or jewels.
  2. A tree nymph called Red Ivy. She will reward the players with a wish. The player can wish anything of her. Red Ivy is not the best at listening, however, and may interpret the wish differently. “I wish to be rich” might result in the player having particularly delicious and strong tasting flesh.
  3. A 15 cm tall Moth Sprite called Yewshimmer. He will reward the players with a gift. During the night when the sun goes down, the player who has rescued Yewshimmer will receive an extra point in Stealth and an extra point in Slight of Hand. This effect disappears during the day.
  4. A five foot tall female Butterfly Sprite called Aspen. She is an attractive bald woman with butterfly wings and three fingers on each hand. She will ask the player if they wish to become a fairy. If the player escapes the castle, she will appear again to grant them immortality and take them to the fairy lands.
  5. A human size water nymph called Brine. She will reward players with the ability to breath underwater permanently. Unfortunately, Brine is not the best of spell casters and she will have a 1 in 6 chance of getting her spell wrong. The result will be that the player can ONLY breath in water.
  6. A handsome young Wasp Sprite called Orsin. He will grant the players with a bell. If the bell is rung then the wasp sprite will materialise with two comrades and attack on the player’s behalf. This can only be used three times before the bell disintegrates forever. Once per day use. HP: 2-4 AC: 8 – 10 DMG: 1D4
  7. A human size male satyr called Zerotik. He will reward the player with “Maddening Beauty”. The player will become incredibly beautiful, however, anyone looking directly at the player’s bare face or body for more than a minute will need to make a Save vs. Magic or be driven insane.
  8. A dark hair, green eyes woman called Morgan. She either a fae or a witch, it is not apparent and if asked what type of fairy she is she will simply smile.She will ask the players if they want her to help them with Briar rose. She will ask them there do they want her killed or do they want her to wake? The players must pick one and once they pick they cannot go back on it. Morgan will accompany them to Briar Rose room and case her magic. If they want neither, and wish to leave Briar Rose, Morgan will leave them with nothing.

If a fairy is selected to be released then the players will need to go up against the Queen’s defenses. One of these goes off for every fairy released. If the players choose to release a fairy there will be a horrendous rumbling sound and the door to the Queen’s Treasure will be sealed behind a stone wall.

  1. A ticking noise sounds. Iron Spikes erupt from the floor through the carpet. Make a save or Dexterity roll to avoid being impaled. These do 1d6 damage. They slide back down and continue to erupt from the floor every minute.
  2. The display case being opened begins to fill with a hot bubbling red metal. The player has to make a save to release the fairy inside before the hot metal engulfs it. The player may need to make a save to stop melted iron from pouring on their skin.
  3. Iron bars slide up from the bottom of the case and seal the fairy in the case forever.
  4. Iron hooks fly from the ceiling at a rapid speed and hook the person attempting to open the case. These then drag the hooked victim to the ceiling where they are suspended. A dexterity or save is needed to dodge the hooks, and if hooked the victim will suffer 1d6 initial damage as they are dragged to the ceiling and a further 1d4 bleeding damage until they are released.

The Queen’s Treasure

There is a door at the far end of the room behind a tapestry. The queen will tell the players about it if they agree not to release the fairies and tell them there are great riches beyond.This door if opened will deliver a killing dose of iron to all of the living faeries in the room. There is a slit in the door if the players look in they must make a Save vs. Magic, if they fail, they see a room filled with jewels and gold. If they succeed, they see a chest on a table.

The queen’s treasure room holds a single small chest on a small table. It is locked. The box is easy to break. Within, there is a family portrait of the queen, her husband and Briar Rose.

There is nothing else in the room.

Briar Rose Chambers

Briar Rose Chambers are the furthest away from the stairs. The doors are overgrown with thick throny vines and sealed shut. Two guards lie asleep outside, their bodies have been pierced by the vines which grow through their open mouths and out through their eyelids.

When entering the room, players must make a Save vs. Magic or they will fall asleep.

Inside, there is a large double bed on which a beautiful young woman lies. She appears to be sixteen and dressed in funeral clothing. She is sleeping soundly and occasionally grimaces in her sleep. She as several vines protruding from her head and these are in turn connected to the victims on the wall.

The walls of the room are overgrown with thorned vines and dark, green ivy. There are large red roses which emit a strong, pungent odor.

That thing wants to have your babies.
That thing wants to have your babies.

Around the bed standing like statues are previous adventurers and princes who have journeyed to wake Briar Rose. They have all been grown into the walls. Their skin is stretched and peeled away by the thorns. Each of them has a thick vine attached to their genitals which occasionally pulses, it gets bigger as it goes down to the floor. Each of the victims has a great distended stomach as if they are all heavily pregnant. If the genital vines are removed, the victim dies. The vine leads down into the ground and magic users may be able to tell that these vines do not lead downstairs but to another world. If a vine is removed the player can crawl into it and will find themselves in the fairy world. If the victims are cut open they have a human baby inside of them.

If Briar Rose is attacked, the victims on the wall will reach forward to protect her. There are thick vines beneath Briar Rose bed which also act as guardians. They will try to add the players to the adventurers on the wall.

Uonaidh’s Tithe Drones

The lost adventurers and princes who have tried to rescue or kill Briar Rose before. They are now being used to give unnatural birth to innocent babies who Uonaidh then gives as Tithe to the devil.

HP: 4-6 AC: 10-12 DMG: 1d4 Unarmed/1D6 Thorned Vine Whips

The Possible Outcomes

If Briar Rose is Woken (The “Happy” Ever After)

If you want to make it darker you could have it so Briar Rose can never be woken. You either have to leave or kill her. Alternatively, the below is a little lighter as an ending.

If Briar Rose has her hand pricked on The Spinning Wheel or if Morgan is there to wake her up, she will wake from her slumber.

At the point she opens her eyes the horrors on the walls of her bedroom will slowly disappear. The adventurers and prince’s will fall to the ground in a heap. Everyone in the palace will wake; none of their wounds will heal. The animals will remain feral; however, any magical strength they had will disappear. All fairies will leave. The bramble forest will over the next few years begin to wither and die.

The queen will die from her injuries immediately and the boar she birthed will turn back into the king; who will be a mad, gibbering wreck of a man.

Briar Rose will thank the adventurers for waking her from her nightmare. She watched everything happen as she was omnipresent in her kingdom (she will have seen what the players have done).

If the players haven’t, she will release any of the captured fairies and set about repairing the broken and horrified kingdom. She will give them gold, or imprison them based on what they have done throughout their time in her kingdom, and their journey will come to an end.

The player will find, however, that after a while they are kidnapped and taken to Uonaidh. She will confront the players about their idiocy and demand they pay the tithe for her this year to the devil.

If Briar Rose is Killed

If Briar Rose is killed, whether her body is stabbed or Morgan is there to kill her for the players, a similar effect happens to the above.

Except, the death of Briar Rose comes with consequence. Uonaidh will require a player to pay the tithe, as soon as the players begin to make their way out of the room they will find themselves in the land of fairies in Uonaidh’s throne room.

If the players have met and work with the devil, they the devil will reward the players in any way you see fit; it might be gold or favors, or wishes (always make these backfire, it’s hilarious). The devil will not stop Uonaidh from enacting her vengeance.

If Briar Rose is Left

The players can loot the castle and leave Briar Rose slumbering. This is if they survive the escape.

"So, now you owe me a tithe."
“So, now you owe me a tithe.”

The Devil and Uonaidh

The devil and Uonaidh are outside plot points. Encounters with them can generate new scenarios in themselves. Perhaps the devil is not happy that the players left Briar Rose and has decided they need to do his bidding. Perhaps Uonaidh requires them to pay the tithe and that could be a new adventure in itself.

It is up to you how you want to use these NPC’s and this aspect of the scenario. Create your own ending.

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