Secret Munticore 2016

Trigger Warning - Everything

Theres an RPG thing called Secret Sanitcore, or there was. I have zero idea if its still going, all I know is that I entered the other year and the final thing was never created. Basically the premise is that everyone submits a wish for something gameable – this could be a d20 table of failed spell results, a scenario about cabbages, a monster with porridge for hands. After they’re all in, you then receive one of these random requests to complete which is then in turn received and compiled into a big PDF (which as I said never happened last time).

So, instead, a few deplorable types including myself did our own mini one called “Secret Munticore“. Jarret Crader sums it up best:

it was last fall. we pissed around the idea of a Mongrel Santicore because Santicore is dead, then had two separate threads going, one with PeePee Soaked Heckhole that David Black started for the dungeon and then Secret Munticore that James Young started. In true Santicore tradition, we all fucked off and then put deadlines on each other and then had it all ready to go by xmas and then David suggested we take the rest of the year to do layout and nobody said no and then he would tease us with cover images and then we haven’t heard from him in a bit and then James shat out Munticore this morning after drawing all those cool pics and cutting and pasting all punk rock zine style

The completed product is trash. It’s random shit scrawled across pages with no real thread of connection between each entry beyond “someone asked for this”. Its 30-odd pages of nonsense. Buy it.

Lets sample some of the questions you’ll see answered within:

  • “A d12 Random Bear Ingredients table that shouldn’t be bears”
  • “What’s in Jarret’s bumhole?”
  • “I would like a unicorn corruption table that makes or does evil to unicorns or even pegasus.”
  • “Wait. What are we doing?”
  • “A carousing table with meth on it”

As you can see its just random fun but, well, it might actually be useful at your table. Definitely if you’re running an Alpha Blue or Purple Islands campaign.

You can find out more about the mongrel movement here, and you can buy this delightful product here.

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