Dragonmeet – Who to Watch Out For

Persons of Interest

Dragonmeet this year has an extensive list of awesome guests:

  • John Kovalic – author of the popular web comic “Dork Tower
  • Ian Livingstone – co-founder of Games Workshop and Fighting Fantasy
  • Steve Jackson – the mind behind things like GURPs and Munchkin
  • Joe Dever – author of the Lone Wolf series and first British winner of the AD&D Championships
  • Kenneth Hite – creator of Trail of Cthulhu and Night’s Black Agents
  • Robin Laws – involved in a range of RPG products, from Earthdawn through to Star Trek
  • Rob Heinsoo – lead designer for D&D 4e
  • Mike Mason – line editor for Call of Cthulhu
  • Jason Durall – involved in products like BRP and World War Cthulhu
  • Jonathan Green – writer for Fighting Fantasy

Thats quite the line up! There are however several other awesome people to keep your eyes out for while you’re spending your gold and earning XP. Actually, theres a whole ton of them – you included – but heres a select few to find.

James Raggi

The author of one of the best RPGs around, Lamentations of the Flame Princess. He’s got a ton of cool stuff to sell you to make your gaming experience truly weird and horrifying. Personal recommendation would be A Red and Pleasant Land if you haven’t already got a copy, and definitely the rules book if you dont have one of them either (though you can get it for free here). There may also be the sale of the two latest titles, Broodmother Skyfortress and Blood in the Chocolate too.

The Baldowskis

The amazing Baldowski couple, producing the fantastically useful All Rolled Ups and The Cthulhu Hack (based off of David Black‘s The Black Hack). Its now at the point that seeing someone without an ARU at the table at our local club is an oddity, they’re just too handy for carrying your dice around. Made in different fabric styles, you’re likely to find something that compliments your preferred game or aesthetic (they even have some sexy LotFP ones to boot).

Up to 4 Players

They aren’t based at a stand, but these two delightful people are rumored to be lurking around the Leisure Games stall. Eran and Aviv produce the gaming related web comic “Up to 4 Players“, a comic that everyone should check out. The artwork is a delight and the strips very well written, they’ve recently announced their plans to move into a long running story as opposed to one off strips or minor arcs so now is a great time to get invested into Up to 4 Players.

Graham Walmsley

The man behind works of awesomeness such as Cthulhu Dark and Stealing Cthulhu, he gets special mention as he is shortly publishing Kat’s first scenario Arkham 1692. Find him and ask about it!

Daniel Sell

This man is the genius who gives you The Undercroft, the upcoming Crypts of Indormancy, and of course the “the best dairy-based D&D adventure of 2016Something Stinks in Stilton. Find him, buy his wares and ask him about his latest piece of glory, Troika!.

The Good Friends of Jackson Elias

The horror podcast scene wouldn’t be what it is without the eldritch influence of the Good Friends of Jackson Elias. These three gentlemen sadly wont be joined by Jackson Elias in person this year, but he may likely be there in spirit. Who knows. The podcast itself is nearing its 100th episode and shows no signs of losing steam with the content and quality continually impressing a large listener base. As the show itself declares, its a podcast about Call of Cthulhu, horror films and horror gaming in general. Scott particularly enjoys it when people yell “Gandalf!” at him, so please indulge him.

The OSR UK Hangouts Crew

Led by the notorious Mick, these guys have championed the online OSR scene for the UK with their drive to get regular Google Hangout games running. You can find the group here on G+ where you can join up and either jump into a planned upcoming game or offer up your own choice. It lost a bit of traction over Summer but as the long winter months draw in you can expect to see weekly options appearing again.


Thats right, Kathryn and myself will be there! I appreciate we aren’t nearly as awesome as the other entries on this list but if you see us then please say hello.

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