Dragonmeet Reflection

The beast that is Dragonmeet has slivered back into its cave once more till next year. The denizens of London are returning to their normal routine, safe from the influx of roleplayers for now. The question you’re asking (if you weren’t there) of course is, “How was it?”. In a nutshell, it was a lot of fun. This was the first year that Modiphius were at the helm and they done a great job – the only quibble I had over the whole thing was the venue itself: the hotel rooms weren’t quite in line with the amount they cost, and it took Kat and I £35 and 40 mins wait for a hot dog and a burger from their bar, bit too pricey for our wallets seeing as we’d rather be spending our money on the goods on sale. Still, the food that we got was pretty good, so thats something.

We helped All Rolled Up set up their stand at 7am (I briefly helped James set up the LotFP stand but after I dropped the scroll banner a second time I was instructed to back away). I was a tad knackered from getting zero hours sleep the night before – no idea if it was excitement, the rock hard pillows, or the aircon sucking all the air out of the room – but adrenaline fired into me. Dan and Dan from the Melsonia Arts Council were set up in no time at all and ready to go hours before opening, thats how dedicated they were.


One thing that struck me once all the stands were up was how professional it all looked. Thats not to say that previous years Dragonmeet had resembled something that had just dragged itself up out of the primordial ooze, but it always felt a bit, well, ‘car-boot-sale-ish’. I think this may have been due to the layout and the venue of previous years, but this time round everything looked sharp and organised, the stands had tall high quality banners, and there was space to move without being bundled to the ground.

After I bought some stuff from the LotFP stand (Blood in the Chocolate, Broodmother Skyfortress, and a replacement copy of the Gingerbread Princess), I picked up my copy of Troika! and made my way round some stands. I kept finding awesome stuff and thinking, “Ok, Ill wait to see everything before buying more stuff”. This was my undoing as by the end of my circuit I had forgotten half the things I wanted to pick up and subsequently spent a fraction of what I had budgeted for. Kat nabbed her copy of Cthulhu Dark Zero, got herself BitC and thanks to Mick’s generosity she left with The Cthulhu Hack boxset.

The Jim Roar

We love LotFP (its the reason that this site came to exist for a start), and last year we both regretted not getting a photo with big Jim. This year we were straight on the ball, asking for his permission to get a selfie. The lovely Sharmina offered to take the photo instead however which was just as well for what happened next. Jim took his time, shook his hair (which smelt absolutely amazing, was not expecting the Herbal Essence from him!), stood between us, made the devil horns… and then roared. I’m not talking like a brief “ahh”, this was a Full Metal Jacket war face roar that went on. It silenced the whole hall, people stopped what they were doing, and Kat and I tried to keep our composure (and failed). It was amazing – thank you so much for that, James.

Up to 4 Players

We’re big fans of their cartoon and we were keen to meet the brilliant minds behind it. After some Twitter stalking we tracked them down but instead of pressing them for secret info on the upcoming Ut4P storyline we ended up selling them on LotFP. A further frustration is we were so star-struck we forgot to ask them for a photo. Still, they are lovely and their strip continues to be the best RP themed cartoon around – check it out!

The Tamest Session of Death Frost Doom Ever

I had offered to run a DFD jaunt at lunchtime so we had Kat as the MU, David Black as the Fighter, and Anthony Lee as the specialist. Lured by gold, they made their way up the mountain, intimidating Zeke out the way (but leaving the mule, Bastard, with him), and explored the delights on offer. Then they buggered off home. You see they found their way into the first crypt and came away with a few thousand silver pieces and, after seeing the monstrosity lurking further down the corridor, sensibly thought “Fuck this” and left. Possibly the first con LotFP game I’ve ran where no damage was inflicted (beyond the Fighter losing a tooth and getting some light frost bite).

Meeting G+ Names

I’ve met a lot of people through G+ since last year, but they are people I only recognise by the tiny little profile pic. This year I tried to find as many of these people as I could and say “Hi!” – I failed in meeting everyone on my list, but managed a fair few and it was excellent. I also made some new acquaintances and generally felt like a social moth, flapping around trying to meet everyone.

Overall, we both had a rip-roaring good time. Next year however we’ll likely stay the following night so we can actually stay to the end and have some drinks, instead of having to leave mid-afternoon completely burnt out. Now I can turn my attention to running the goodies I got, and hacking up Troika! a bit.


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