fallen-colourFToaMG, or to use its full name ‘Final Thoughts of a Murdered Guard’, started out as a blog by Oli Palmer back at the start of 2015 to track his obsession with Lamentations of the Flame Princess. Fellow gamer and writer Kathryn Jenkins joined shortly after with the intention of generating lots of OSR goodness, reviewing products, and tracking session reports.

The name stems from a LotFP session involving both Oli and Kat as it happens. Oli was GMing using “No Death in Dignity”, when Kat (playing a plucky Magic User) distracted a guard by engaging him sexual congress. During her rushed love making, she cast magic missile into the guard’s face: this did not outright kill the guard, but a fellow player stepped in and clubbed the guard’s skull in. There is no way of telling what that guard’s final thoughts were, they could have been anything – much like the content of this site.