rolcoverdisplayFrom the 29th of September to the 17th of November Oli┬áran +Zak Smith‘s “A Red and Pleasant Land” at the +MK RPG club in Milton Keynes.


  1. A Red and Pleasant Beginning (Part 1)
  2. Not The Chosen Ones (Part 2)
  3. Death Jam Doom (Part 3)
  4. Diary of an Unseen Observer, aged 4 and a bit (Part 4)
  5. Labyrinths and Burbling (Part 5)
  6. Theres More Than One Way to Stake a Cat (Part 6)
  7. So Long, and Thanks for all the Jam (Part 7 and Review)


  • Cuthbert Harrington, a lazy ex soldier played by Dan Memory
  • Lemule Black, a bastard son of the De Grace family played by +Scott Dorward
  • Eliza De Grace, a love sick teenager played by +Victoria Allin
  • Winnie Sweet, a manic noble daughter played by +Kathryn Jenkins
  • Maximus, a confused general played by +Anthony Edmonds
  • Eric Forsing, a burns victim played by Tom Richardson