Troika! Review!

November 28, 2016 Oli 0

Please note that this review is based on the 1st edition, art-free PDF version of Troika!. I initially was planning to wait till I had the physical copy in my hand (available at Dragonmeet this […]


Dragonmeet – Who to Watch Out For

November 25, 2016 Oli 0

Dragonmeet this year has an extensive list of awesome guests: John Kovalic – author of the popular web comic “Dork Tower“ Ian Livingstone – co-founder of Games Workshop and Fighting Fantasy Steve Jackson – the mind […]


Death Frost Doom (Part 1)

November 23, 2016 Oli 0

Last night it happened, it finally happened. I got to run Death Frost Doom to an eager set of players who, when we finished for the night, agreed things were pretty fucking horrifying. Result. Onwards […]